Great kinky, BDSM, hardcore, and lesbian scenes are all over the 21 Sextreme Network, and there are over 4,000 videos, so there is plenty of content to sift through. With there only being one minor negative with the site, I would highly recommend that everyone sign up for a 12 month membership with this one!
Exclusivity 93
Quality 91
Quantity 92
Updates 84
Usability 91
Bonus Contents 91
Price 88
Summary 90.0% 90 great
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21sextremeThe 21 Sextreme Network has a lot going for it. This network has 16 sites within the network, and these sites put together equal out to thousands of scenes for members to watch. What are these scenes about? Well, they are about sex of course! Don’t worry, I’m only joking with you, they are about more than just sex, they are about that hardcore and kinky sex that we all know and love. Want to know more? Some of the niches are bondage, watersports, trannies and creampies, and the list goes on and on. Does all of this sound like eating the best piece of pie on Earth? I thought so too, but there is a whole lot more to this network than just sites with amazing niches attached to them, so let’s take a better look at it and see if you would ever want to get down and dirty with a membership to this site.

21 Sextreme Network Good Features

There are a lot of great aspects for the 21 Sextreme Network, if I haven’t listed them all in this review it is simply because there are just too many of them! One of the great aspects of this network is the amount of 100% exclusive content from all over the world that they provide. This site gives you access to porn that has babes from all around the world, including North America and Europe, with over 4,000 scenes and around 4,000 sets of pictures to go with the scenes. That’s right, there is just that much content to watch when you get a membership with this network. Wondering about the variety of the site? Just because the network has a main theme of kinky and hardcore, does not mean that it does not have a wide variety of porn categories, so I am happy to tell you that this network is loaded with amazing categories! Of course, there are some niches that are a whole lot kinkier and extreme than any other site online, some being down right terrifying, but don’t worry, no girls were harmed during the making of these videos (Just Kidding!). Want to know some of the amazing site names that you will see within this network, here are just a few: Dominated Girls, Old Young Lesbian Love, and Teach Me Fisting. Of course, as a member of the network, you will have access to all of these kinky sites and more! Wondering if the quantity of videos that this site has affects the quality of the scenes? No need to worry, I have watched a lot, and I mean a LOT, of these videos and have found that the quality has only grown, with the network being full of videos that have great scripts followed by great acting and HD videos. How far back do the HD videos go? The HD videos go all the way back to 2010, so there are loads of videos that are HD. In fact, the lowest that I have found so far in my membership has been 720p, so they really are not lacking when it comes to the HD, and the 720p were the ones before 2010! Oh, and if the HD videos are not enough to catch your attention, the High-Res pictures sure will!

21 Sextreme Network Bad Features

There really are not many negatives with the 21 Sextreme Network. The only negative I have seen with my membership is that there is very little information about the models in their model index, other than that, the whole network seems to be doing great, keeping up on regular updates and everything!


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