This site claims to feature amateur ex-girlfriend porn that has been submitted to them by users, and they also claim to be 100% exclusive.
Exclusivity 93
Quality 63
Quantity 86
Updates 74
Usability 66
Bonus Contents 72
Price 91
Summary 77.9% 77.9 good
Exclusivity 0
Quality 0
Quantity 0
Updates 0
Usability 0
Bonus Contents 0
Price 0
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madporn1Now, when I first heard the name Mad Porn, I certainly did not think that it would be that great of a porn site, simply because it sounds a bit like you would have an angry whacking session instead of a normal one. However, that is not the case with this site, so you can relax a little bit. Want to find out if all of that is true, and also find out the good and bad about the site? Then continue to read my real porn review and you will find out everything you need to know!

Mad Porn Great Features

There are some great features with the Mad Porn site, but not as many as you would expect. One of the great features is the good amount of content that continues to grow. There are more than 700 scenes over five sites, so you certainly won’t be lacking when it comes to whacking. Every week this site updates with a new scene, and that’s pretty good. The next great feature would be that it is easy to navigate the network and also to navigate all of the sites. There are multiple sites within this network, so you will find that there are two ways that you can access the other sites from the network site. Members can also make use of content tags, rating, and leaving comments on videos, so that is a bonus, but most porn sites these days do come equipped with these smaller features.

Mad Porn Bad Features

The Mad Porn site unfortunately comes with more negatives than positives. One of the negatives has to do with the question, is it really even ex porn? Even though this site claims that the porn is reals, there are no write-ups, no scene descriptions (although, in most cases these are usually made up anyway). Alright, so there is a small amount that I do believe is homemade porn, but does it really make sense that all of these exs would be hooking up and then posting it to the site? There are just too many questions here and not enough answers, and another thing, it feels simply as though this is normal everyday amateur porn, and not the type of porn where these people were actually ever couples, it feels more like a paid arrangement than anything. None of the themes seem to be as exclusive as the site claims they are. I am pretty sure that I have at least seen half of these scenes elsewhere. The video quality is also pretty bad with this site, but with these videos seeming more staged than real, you would think they would be able to make them better quality.

Final Thoughts on Mad Porn

Even though the Mad Porn site does come with a lot of negatives, and some of them are big ones, there is a good amount of “ex-girlfriend amateur porn” on this site, and you get access to all of the other sites, so it’s not too bad. Overall though, I don’t think I would ever recommend anyone waste their money with this one.


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