You will be happy to know that this site sticks to the promise that its name gives, and therefore, it is one of the best porn sites around. Highly recommend!  
Exclusivity 93
Quality 99
Quantity 59
Updates 75
Usability 84
Bonus Contents 85
Price 92
Summary 83.9% 83.9 great
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Quality 0
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4k desire picThe 4K Desire site has a lot going for it just because of its name. However, I would love these sexy girls even if they weren’t in scenes that were such high-quality, but it’s a great ideal. Of course, this site’s main niche is 4K porn, and that is just a fantastic niche, at least to me it is! Want to know all the good and bad of this site? If so, keep on reading my real porn review and all tell you all that you need to know!

Great Qualities 4K Desire

Of course, there are a lot of great qualities with the 4K Desire site, but there are also 2 bad qualities, but let’s get through those great qualities before we go through the rest! So, the first great aspect of this site is the exclusive 4K scenes. All of the scenes on this site do seem to be exclusive, so that leads me to believe that they are keeping up on their promise of being 100% exclusive. All of these scenes are able to be downloaded in many different MP4 files, going from low-quality to 1080p, and of course, all of them have the 4K Ultra HD option as well, which means that they are keeping up on that promise also!

The next great aspect has to be the quality of the videos, and no I am not talking about the 4K option again, I am instead referring to the production quality. All of the scenes have simple set-ups that they begin with (such as studying, or coming home from a date, painting), however, these setups lead to some of the best scripts and touching /  caressing that I have ever seen in porn. These videos usually feature couples and threesomes.

All of the scenes that you will be seeing on this site are hardcore and they feature some sexy European teens and coeds that are putting on the best shows that they can. Even though they are not specifically an anal site, there was a lot of butt sex within this site, and to me, that is a great aspect all on its own.

Another great aspect is that there are bonus sites. This site is a part of the Wankz Network, so members of this site will get access to the entire network, and that includes sites like Exploited 18 and Bang My Stepmom. Also, the site is super easy to navigate with great member tools.

Bad Qualities 4K Desire

There are two negatives, as I said previously, with the 4K Desire site. One of the negatives is that there is not  a lot of content. There are only 49 scenes and 33 galleries as of right now. The next negative is that their site updates irregularly. They will add a couple scenes, then not add any for a month or two, then add some more, it is painful to watch how slowly this site builds up.

Final Thoughts on 4K Desire

4K Desire is a great site, but they do need to update more often so that their collection can grow at a faster rate. All in all, I would highly recommend that you sign up for at least a month membership for this site.


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4k desire

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