Evil Angel consists of original content and some really sexy girls. The quality is high, so it is a safe bet for anyone looking for a new porn site. Highly Recommended!
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Quality 88
Quantity 94
Updates 84
Usability 84
Bonus Contents 88
Price 77
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evil angelBack in the days when the VCR dominated the home movie industry and porns were released on VHS tapes to be played in those VCRs, Evil Angel climbed onto the scene from the sexy, fiery pits of Hell. John Stagliano found himself to be the unofficial god of the porn industry in the US during this site, and it was him that brought porn to the VCR. Evil Angel and other modern porn producers owe a lot to Stagliano. Evil Angel has tons of famous pornstars and the content on their site dates as far back as 1989. So, hop into your Delorian of Porn and see what Evil Angels has to offer, both from the past and the present. The porn Evil Angel releases today is loaded with naughty goods, like DP, fisting, anal creampies and a heck of a lot more.

Evil Angel Great Features

Original Evil Angel Content: Evil Angel is 100% exclusive, meaning the porn you get access to with your membership can ONLY be had as an Evil Angel member. There are more than 10,000 videos on Evil Angel, and around 2,000 DVDs that you can watch. If you’re interested, you can also see some behind-the-scenes action, as well as bloopers. I bet you never thought there were bloopers in porn.

“Oops, wrong hole!”

Evil Angel also provides high quality videos with updates to the library every day. Most of the porn is full HD, and the bit rates are usually around 7,000K. That may not be super fast, but it is fast enough. There are plenty of photo galleries and they can all be downloaded as ZIP files. The photos resolution are 1280×1920. Evil Angel makes it easy to search through their content. They provide useful filters to help narrow down your search for specific girls, certain videos, various series of videos and even by a specific category. Videos can be both downloaded and streamed in various formats. These include mobile formats.

Evil Angel Bad Features

Unfortunately, despite have a decent search feature, there is no actual advanced search options. You are able to sort and filter content, but with the site growing so much every day, there is a huge need for more advanced search features. The site’s navigation itself leaves a lot to be desired. There is a limit to how many pages a head your can skil when browsing search results, this limit is 5 pages. There is also a complete lack of model info. You aren’t able to comment on the videos, either.

Final Thoughts on Evil Angel

The collection of porn is flawless, its not the porn that they get wrong. It’s just the site design. If you go to Evil Angel looking for a site to provide you the best porn you can find, you will be very happy. However, if you want the site itself to be perfect, then you might want to look elsewhere. Do you want porn, or do you want to critique the site’s developers?


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