If you are one of those types that just can’t get enough of the fur covered muff, then you are going to love the Hot Bush site. This site is a part of the Reality Kings Network, so you will get access to all of the network sites when you sign up.
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Quality 82
Quantity 64
Updates 81
Usability 85
Bonus Contents 82
Price 92
Summary 82.4% 82.4 great
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hotbushThis site features some of the hairiest pornstars and also features some with an average amount of bush. These scenes are all featuring some hardcore action that may not be the same as it was in the 70s and 80s, but it is still a good amount of bush to look at. Although, some of you may be disappointed once I get to the negatives section of my real porn review and you find out just how little the site updates.

Hot Bush Great Features

There are a lot of great features with a site like the Hot Bush site. One of the pros is that there is a lot of exclusive content. All of the scenes that you will see on this site are completely original and they feature the hottest models with the best hairy muffs. Even though they won’t be as hairy as the models you would have found 40 years ago, they still have a decent amount of hair and you can tell that they only trim their muff hair a little bit, keeping up with the natural look of the women and the site. All of the scenes have the most steamy hardcore sucking and fucking action and there are scenes that include threesomes, creampies and anal, plus more! For all of you old souls out there, this is the perfect site. The content on here comes with some pretty amazing specs, with all of it being HD, playing at 12000k. What does this mean for you? It means that you get to see these beautiful gals with fur in crisp, sharp picture.
Another great aspect that I would love to mention is the navigation tools. The Reality Kings Network is pretty well-known for their great porn, but they are also well-known for their easy to use interface. Members will be able to browse the collection on this site or even browse through the whole network. Members can check out scenes based on the date, title, or rating. Also, members will be able to use keywords to search and categories, meaning that you will never feel lost on this site or within this network. Porn, Porn, and more Porn! You get access to over 30 network sites with this membership, giving you loads of porn to look at if you get bored or finished quickly with this site.

Hot Bush Bad Features

Now, the Hot Bush site does come with its downfalls, which is to be expected, but some of them are really sad. One of the saddest is the updates. There are only 46 scenes on the site and around 400 pictures. Every video is around 30 minutes long, so that equals out to around only 23 hours of porn, which is why I have already finished watching all of the videos on this site and I have had my membership for less than a month! The updates are slow too, so I will probably have to wait a month or even two months just to get another new scene! Unfortunately, this site also comes with some banners and ad links. So the site has a sort of cluttered feel to it, and that can get annoying. I know it has annoyed me already, but it was only around 23 hours of annoying, now that I am finished watching all of the videos on the site, I have recently just been watching videos from the other network sites.

Final Thoughts on Hot Bush

There is a lot to love with the Hot Bush site, however, I have a love/hate relationship with the site, I love the content and neat features, but hate the wait for the newer content and hate the ads. All in all, I think I would recommend you get a month membership with this site, check out the content and see how you like it, even if you don’t like it, you will still have a whole network full of content to look through.


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