Join House of Taboo to discover a new world of fetish and kinky porn content. All the content on the database is professionally presented in HD, and you also get access to all the bonus sites such as DDF Busty and Only Blowjobs. You will also get to watch new videos and pictures on a weekly basis.
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house of taboo 1Get Hard on Fetish Content than Never Before

House of Taboo was one of the first porn sites to introduce me to fetish content. Since I have never looked back and continue to enjoy the great content that they upload to the database every week. One of the things that I love about this site is the perfect blend of sex scenes and kink porn. At the moment, I love relaxing on the couch as I watch lesbian action scenes such as self-fisting. I also love the fact that the site introduces to us the various types of fetish gear in the market. I will be brutally honest with you; I never thought that there are so many fetish gears in the market. I believe that they will stretch your fantasies a mile further especially the PVC and latex catsuits.

Just How Many Videos are Available?

There is absolutely no concrete answer to this question since new videos are added on a weekly basis. Based on my calculation, the team loads like four videos on a weekly basis. However, I can confidently say that there are more than 2000 videos for you to watch whenever you are free to watch. The videos can also be downloaded or streamed live from the site at no extra cost. At the time of writing this review, there is absolutely no download limit, and the length of most of the videos that I have watched is 20 minutes. It is also important to note that there are more than 1,500 photo galleries packed with high-resolution images that are captured at the time of filming the videos. Unlike other free sites, there are real photos captured by professional photographers and not the boring and low-quality screen captures. You can also pay an extra fee to enjoy live private sessions with any of the models available.

Is the Website Easy to Navigate?

My opinion about the site is that it is user-friendly since all the information that you need is clearly presented on the home page. There is also an advanced search feature that you can use to locate your favorite videos using keyword tags or the names of the models. Also, there is a pagination feature that allows you to jump straight to a particular page.

Final Verdict

House of Taboo is a perfect choice for anyone who loves fetish and kinky porn content. The fact that you can have a private session with any of the models means that you don’t have to watch the same videos like everyone else who registers.


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