This site is pretty great though, and it is one of the oldest within the Reality Kings Network of sites, with it being around 14 years old now. This site has more than 700 scenes for the members to have fun with and the site also allows members to have access to the entire network.
Exclusivity 93
Quality 84
Quantity 85
Updates 79
Usability 74
Bonus Contents 79
Price 91
Summary 83.6% 83.6 great
Exclusivity 0
Quality 0
Quantity 0
Updates 0
Usability 0
Bonus Contents 0
Price 0
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mike's apartment1Alright, so I am officially thinking about renting out a room in my apartment, thanks to this site. However, I really don’t think that I would ever get as many sexy women to sign up for my room to rent as this site, Mike’s Apartment, does. I also have doubts that I would ever be able to even get any of the applicants that did want to rent a room off me to agree to have sex with me on camera just so that they can get money taken off of their renting price.

Mike’s Apartment Great Features

There are a lot of good things that I could say about the Mike’s Apartment site, and I will list most of them here in my real porn review, however, I do not have enough room or time to write about them all in this review, so I will have to write about only the best ones. The first great feature of this site has to be all of the exclusive and HD content. Of course, as we all know, the Reality Kings Network has always done their own filming when it comes to the content produced on their site, and that means that this site was produced solely by the network producers.  Now, only just under half of the content is HD, however, it is 1080p HD. Although, the amount of HD videos will only keep going up with age, being that they have been adding HD videos for over 4 years now. There is a good amount of content on this site, and the amount is only going to keep growing, they have 700 scenes and photo galleries as of right now. However, I think this is a great amount of videos for a site within a network, especially since I have seen sites that only have below 20 scenes and they are not even part of a network. Another great aspect of the site is the network access. If you become a member of this site, you will have access to all of the sites with in the Reality Kings Network for as long as you have your membership. You will be able to enjoy sites like Cum Fiesta and even Big Naturals and there are over 30 sites within the network, so you will never run out of videos to whack it to. Another good aspect of this site is the navigation, commenting, and rating features. Members can easily navigate through the network and site and they will have access to commenting on videos and rating them, plus members will be able to save their favorite scenes.

Mike’s Apartment Bad Features

There are some bad features with the Mike’s Apartment site. One of the bad features is the upselling in the members area, however, I have seen much worse, and this site really isn’t too annoying with their upselling. The only other bad aspect of the site is the older videos being in SD.

Final Thoughts on Mike’s Apartment

Overall, I would recommend this site, but not before warning you that only half the site is HD, and the rest is SD. Other than those two bad qualities though, this site is pretty fantastic and once you get bored you can hop on over to any of the other many sites that you will have access to with your membership.


Limited Subscription
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*Total Spending $1.00
*Rebills at $39.95/mo
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*Total Spending $29.99
*Rebills at $29.99/mo
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12 Months
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365 Days of Premium Content
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*Total Spending $119.88
*Rebills at $119.88

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