If you are looking for something different, videos that will make you wish your girlfriend has a bigger ass, look no further. 40 Inch Plus will quench the thirsty of watching big-ass girls pussies get hammered by professional male pornstars on a daily basis.
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40 inch plus revWhat Does 40 Inch Really Mean?

If you are anything like me, you probably thought that this pornsite features porn stars that have long dicks, Right? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you are wrong. 40 Inch Plus is a well-designed website that has thousands of porn scenes featuring beautiful ladies whose asses circumference is at least 40 inches. I learned about this site through a friend in 2013 and immediately decided to join thanks to my love for big naked butts. In the online porn world that we all love being citizens of, there are bad and good surprises. 40 Inch Plus is one of the good ones based on my experience so far. One of the things that I enjoy by being a premium member is exclusive content and access to all the sites in Reality Kings network. This means that I get to enjoy HD photos and videos more than anyone else in the industry at any time of the day.

Do Directors Really Measure the Butt Size?

Yes, the directors are keen on satisfying your insatiable lust and go to the extremes of actually measuring the butt size before the scenes begin. I was surprised to see some beautiful female porn stars that have an average physique but large fat asses that I would not hesitate to devour given a chance.

What Are the Scenes Like?

Based on all the videos that I have watched so far, each scene starts with an interview where the director and the male porn start of the day admire the ass and measurements are taken to make sure that the actor conforms to the rules. Afterward, the action begins, and this is where you will learn some hardcore fucking skills if you are yet to acquire them. Every scene ends with a butt-cheek money shot that is captured in HD. You will actually hear the male counterpart moan as the juices splash on the butt. So far, I’m yet to see any anal scenes, but that is not a problem for me since I am not a big fan of such content. My favorite videos are those that contain hardcore episodes. I swear in one day, I watch up to 10 different scenes, and I am very selective on the scenes.

Download Limits

Just like most Reality Kings porn sites, you are only allowed to download 10GB worth of porn videos and images per day. The average length of most of the videos on this site is 30 minutes. You can download the videos in MP4 format or as Windows Media Files.

Final Verdict

40 Inch Plus is a unique porn site that is keen on giving its customers the best experiences. Fresh videos are updated on the site as well as the other bonus sites on the network.


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40 inch plus

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