Asian chicks always been your thing? Their tight little bodies and pouty faces make your dick hard? Then Asian 1 on 1 will be right up your alley–all Asians and only the hottest chicks at this Naughty America site. You won’t be disappointed.
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asian 1 on 1A veteran of the Naughty America network, Asian 1 on 1 keeps putting out sexy content featuring some of the hottest Far East babes in the porno business. With videos dating back to 2006 and with monthly updates still being pumped out, there’s still an argument to be made that Asian 1 on 1 is at the top of the Asian fetish game for those looking to satisfy their horny desires.

Who Hasn’t Had a Thing for Asians?

With their black hair, petite bodies, pale skin and tight pussies, we’ve all wanked once or twice to that one hot Asian girl who lived down the hall from us at college. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to nab a sexy Asian girl as a girlfriend or wife, unless you’ve got the dough and patience to travel. Those of us with neither at least have Naughty America’s Asian 1 on 1, which features some of the hottest Asian porn stars in the world showing off their tight little bodies and pleasing some lucky men. With over a 100 videos all available to download, usually in high-quality HD, now you won’t have to wonder what that girl down the hall looked like naked. Photo sets, also in HD, can be saved to your computer so that you can view them at any time. Blowjobs, fucking, and submissiveness are all on the menu here for the girls at Asian 1 on 1, and just like the title suggests, all scenes involve one hot-ass Asian chick and her lucky co-star.

Naughty America Knows How to Deliver

Each sexy scene on Asian 1 on 1 features the names of each performer, as well as the scenario and short description about the “acting” that’s going to take place before the fucking. They even describe where the couple gets down and dirty, whether it be on the couch, bed or living room. Each scene also is sorted by tags, so that if you’re looking for blowjobs, shaved pussies or fingering specifically, you can find all of them. Most of the material on Asian 1 on 1 is from 2006-2008 with a flurry of updates coming several times each month, with a big gap for a few years after that. However, there have been several updates in 2017 with new scenes being added once a month. So, Naughty America is still committed to Asian 1 on 1 and why wouldn’t they be? Asian fetishes will always be around because Asian women will always be sexy as hell. If you’ve got a taste for the Far East and want to get access to the premium Naughty America network while you’re at it, you don’t need a fortune cookie to tell you that you won’t regret buying a subscription to this site.


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