With over 200 videos, over 200 pictures and more ebony sex then you could ever hope for, this site makes up for the lack of content with sexy ebony girls. There are even bonus sites and ways that you can track your favorites, giving members the ultimate experience when it comes to watching porn.  
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Quality 90
Quantity 84
Updates 83
Usability 92
Bonus Contents 82
Price 92
Summary 89.0% 89 great
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BlackgfsI have seen many doctors in my days, and so far, none have gotten me to stop wanting to see women bending over backwards telling me where they want me to put it. When I came across Black GFs I knew it was a great site to begin with. I just love the ebony look, there’s nothing sexier then seeing a black girl taking it from behind. The first thing I noticed when coming to the site was the pictures and gifs, they were all hot. It is very unfortunate that you can not explore the site before you get your membership, because everywhere you click just leads you to the purchase your membership part of the site. So I went ahead and got my membership and I found out that the site was more than I could have hoped for. These women sure do know how to please a man and I would love to learn the names of every last one of them. Another unfortunate thing is that they do not have a model index, but that is okay, because I love the mystery of it. I also love the way these innocent looking women look when they are screaming and moaning. This site certainly has some of the best ebony homemade sex videos around.

Once You Go Black You Won’t Wanna Go Back

What does Black GFs have to offer the Ebony lover? Well, there are tons of bonuses that I noticed with my subscription, which you will find out about soon enough. There are over 259 movies on this site, all averaging around 19 minutes in length. Giving them a nice film quality/feel to them. They have over 256 pictures and every set of pictures that they have has 60 pictures within it. I love all the things that this Ebony site has to offer, and I can not wait until I have explored every nook and cranny of it. There are so many women on here that I would just love to get the phone numbers of. I have always thought that black women have really tight looking muffs, but these women seem to have the tightest of muffs.

How Much Does A Black GF Membership Cost?

Wanting to know how much it will cost you to go to the dark side of porn? I pay $9.99/month for my membership with Black GFs, because I went with the 12 month membership. However, if you are looking for less of a commitment, then you might want to look at the 3 month or 1 month memberships and the 2 day limited trial. The 3 month membership is $19.99/month, the 1 month membership is $29.99/month and the 2 day limited trial is $1.00/day. Wanting to know all of the ways that you can pay for you membership? I paid for my membership the same way I always do, by credit card. However, you can also pay by check and gift card. When it comes to the gift card, all you have to have is an unused gift card and you trade it for a membership. There are over 100 brands that this site will accept and it takes away the need for a credit card. Dark Chocolate Has Never Looked So Delicious.


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