One of the best things about Digital Playground is their unique library of videos. The porns there feel like movies with a lot of sex. A lot of sex done just the way you want to see it. I’ve failed to find any other sites that come anywhere close to what Digital Playground has to offer. Their porn parodies are awesome, they are entertaining and definitely get you to exactly where you’re wanting to go. This is one porn site that I recommend to anyone that is into plot based, high budget porn.
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digitalplayground2-bestpaypornsitesThe Search For Amazing Porn Ends With Digital Playground

The Digital Playgrond parodies are really well done, and provide you the opportunity to see some of your favorite movies… The way they should have been in first place. I mean, who doesn’t want to see the princess of naboo getting railed by a group of Stormtroopers? Any movie with big breasts and big lightsabers is a Force to be reckoned with. And videotaped for your viewing pleasure. If you like porn based on movies or specific themes, mixing all of your favorite cinematic traits into one bang on film, read on. You may find that signing up with Digital Playground is just what the Jedi ordered.

The Digital Playground Library Is Out of This World

Digital Playground has much more than just Star Wars porn. They have a pretty wicked 50 Shades of Grey parody called 50 Ways to Fuck. We all know how widely popular the book series was, and BDSM has been seeing a wide gain in popularity lately. This 50 Shades parody feels more like it should have actually been the original movie. It’s just that much better. Sex Machina is another one of the Digital Playground movie style porns. In this highly erotic and futurist porn movie, a man is invited to see a horny robot development facility. These robots aren’t the “Danger, Will Robinson” kind, either. These are hot, sexy fembots that look, feel and taste as real as any other super sexy woman would. When the happy man finds himself in the middle of a crisis to help one of the Sex Machinas escape the compound, he has no choice but to pleasure his way out of the facility. Another amazing benefit of Digital Playground is their Gift Card Trade system. The site will let you trade in your unwanted (and unused) gift cards for memberships. They don’t require a credit card and they accept over 100 brands. If you want a membership but are strapped for cash yet have a bunch of gift cards you’re not going to use, send them in.

The MVP – Most Valuable Porn Site

Digital Playground is one of the pricier porn sites out there, but it is totally worth the money. Considering that you get access to a huge library of Hollywood quality porns to watch whenever you want, the price is completely justified. They’re definitely unique. A three day pass gives access to the Digital Playground for only $4.95. This is a good introductory pass, however, there are so many films to go through, you couldn’t watch a fraction of them in that short amount of time. A 30 day pass will provide enough time to get a decent idea of the level of fun you can get with the site. Priced at $29.99, the monthly pass provides more value for your dollar. After a month on the site, you will probably find yourself wanting a 365 day membership. At $119.99, you are saving $239.89 with this membership.


Limited Subscription
TRIAL Access
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Stream all the content
*Total Spending $1.00
*Rebills at $29.99/mo
1 Month
FULL Access
30 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $29.99
*Rebills at $29.99/mo
3 Months
FULL Access
90 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $59.99
*Rebills at $59.99
12 Months
FULL Access
365 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $119.99
*Rebills at $119.99

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