Hustler has been around for a long time. Even though their site might be new, they really do know how to produce great quality porn. Some of my favorite aspects of my membership with them have to be the digital magazine access, access to DVDs and their amazing work when it comes to great quality porn.
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Quality 95
Quantity 74
Updates 71
Usability 92
Bonus Contents 95
Price 93
Summary 87.1% 87.1 great
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hustler review-bestpaypornsitesIf you are old enough to be reading this, then you probably have heard of the Hustler magazine. The magazine was published by the famous Larry Flynt in 1974. This magazine was actually one of the first magazines based in the United States to have shown the female genitalia in explicit pictures. The magazine became quickly popular and you could have probably found at least one copy of the magazine in every home that had men.  This popular magazine now has a site and the site is doing just as great as the magazine did and is still doing. Their site may look basic, but don’t let looks fool you, the creators of this site certainly know how to turn any man on. As far as porn sites and memberships to them go, this site has beat out a lot of the competition. One of the unfortunate things is that they do not have more scenes. Of course, we all know that qreat quality would lead to less scenes and this site is all about the quality.

What Do You Get With Hustler?

What will your membership to Hustler get you? First of all, you will get access to digital magazines. Other than the digital magazines, you will also get access to over 9,500 scenes, more than 1,700 DVDs, 2,500+ models, over 105,000 photos and 10 niche sites. I was extremely happy when I found that they also have live cams on their site that members get access to. Some of the categories that I have become interested in with my membership are Bondage, Hot tub/ Pool, Bondage, Stepcest and Glasses. As far as models go, they have a lot of sexy ones to go through. My favorites are Naomi Woods, Cherry Morgan and Nika. Cherry Morgan looks so innocent and I would love it if I could pop her cherry, although, I know that would be impossible, with her being a porn star!

How Much Does Hustler Cost?

Of course, Hustler is normal when it comes to the prices of their memberships. I went with the 12 month membership, being a huge fan of Hustler. The 12 month membership is $9.95/month. They also have the 2 day limited trial at $1.00, the 1 month membership at $29.95/month and the 3 month membership at $19.95/month. Wondering what methods you can use to pay for your membership? They offer members the choice of using Check, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Gift Card. As far as Gift Cards go, they accept hundreds of brands. I have always wondered how exactly the Gift Card membership works, but not enough for me to try it out, I have always been a fan of credit cards.


Limited Subscription
TRIAL Access
2 Days of Premium Content
Stream all the content
*Total Spending $1.00
*Rebills at $1.00
1 Month
FULL Access
30 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $29.95
*Rebills at $29.95/mo
3 Months
FULL Access
90 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $59.85
*Rebills at $59.85
12 Months
FULL Access
365 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $119.40
*Rebills at $119.40

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