When it comes down to choosing a site for the master of all masterbaters, I have to say that I would probably choose METART every time. With exclusive content, no download limit and babes that are so juicy I bust just thinking about them, there is no doubt in my mind that every guy that chooses METART will be happy, even if they rub themselves raw. I, myself, will probably be visiting the ER sometime today. I may spend a few more hours with Sybal first.
Exclusivity 93
Quality 94
Quantity 90
Updates 92
Usability 92
Bonus Contents 89
Price 80
Summary 90.0% 90 great
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Quality 0
Quantity 0
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Usability 0
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metart1-bestpaypornIf You’re looking For Artistic Porn, Look Into METART

Have you been having a hard time finding good porn to bust your nut to these days? Are you having trouble finding the quality of porn you want? METART has an amazing array of HD videos and high quality pictures that will not only blow you mind, but also help you blow your load twice as fast. The first thing I noticed about the METART site was the artistic layout. The links that lead to their videos and photos are decorated with attractive, erotic photographs. The site’s menu is very user friendly, and helps you get where you want to go without killing your erection. The menu provides easy access to the site’s updates, films, photos, models, blog and all of the girls going live and dirty. Just for you. Yeah, baby! My orgasmic journey through the site menu had me leaking my man juice ever couple of minutes. Good thing my body is up to the challenge. No site has drained me yet! I found that all of the women are very attractive. They all have smooth skin and luscious hair. Each of the look very innocent until you see the dirty things they are willing to do for you.

MetArt Has The Goods

METART has over 1,100 videos. The site is loaded with content that is sure to make you bust your load all over the screen. Just make sure to clean it off, that stuff can leak into your screen and cause some problems. While on METART, I noticed the multitude of galleries available. There are over 15,000 to be exact. Another thing I noticed was that on average METART’s movies are around 10 minutes long. Luckily that is the perfect amount of time to get me from swollen to soft and spent. The quality of METART’s movies and photos is beyond compare. They have plenty of HD videos and photos that will make you pop out of your pants, and leave your Lusty Rod panting for mercy when you’re done with it. With over 2,900 models, it was hard for me to choose some favorites, as all of the models are really freaking hot. My favorites ended up being Lily C, Sybil A and Caprice A. Lily C has a lot to offer with nice, young looking perky tits. She has a lengthy body and a very nicely shaved muff. I am not often into the hairy muff stuff. Lily has a rating of 9.14, 9 videos and 48 pictures. Sybil A has an amazing rack, and a face that could rock the sock off of any man’s rod. Her soft puffy nipples would be amazing to suck on, you’ll like watching others do it. Maybe one day you will get the chance. But I doubt it. I’ve been asking her to marry me over email since I first signed up. Sybil has a rating of 9.12, 2 videos and 17 pictures. Caprice A is a tall, heart-stopping beauty with looks beyond compare. Caprice has a rating of 9.14, 9 videos and 56 pictures.

High Erotic Art at a Great Price

I know that when I am looking for a great site to spend some time with, one of the first things that I look for is the quality of the girls I’m getting access to. With METART, I started off with their one-time purchase for one month, which cost me $39.99. This, of course, was not nearly enough time for me to burn my eyes to my computer, so I ended up signing myself up for the 29.99 monthly offer, which rebills monthly. With all of the hotness displaying from my computer screen, I grabbed some sun tan lotion, and went to town on myself. I have had a wonderful time. My penis and I are considering taking our relationship with METART to the next level. With a yearly package, I can save myself the time of renewing my membership, and also save myself some money. The yearly package only costs 8.33/month or 99.99 a year, which is one of the biggest savings my penis and I have come across for a while.


FULL Access
30 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $29.99
*Rebills at $29.99/mo
1 Month
FULL Access
30 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $39.99
*NO Rebills
12 Months
FULL Access
365 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $99.99
*Rebills at $99.99/mo



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