Ready to watch what happens on the first wedding night? This is the site for you! Naughty brides will get hard fucked by their new husbands!
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naughtyweddingsThe Naughty Weddings site is a part of the Naughty America Network. I honestly didn’t know what to think of this site when I saw the name, it was just too uncommon of a name in terms of porn. You probably already have an ideal of what this site is about, the main niche is wedding sex. Basically, the site features scenes of girls / brides who are desperate to have one last sex fling before they go off and get married, or groomsmen that are trying to get lucky and, of course, the bridesmaids that are trying to get lucky and are willing to do anything to get laid. Of course, all of the scenes are shot at weddings that are huge, and classy, making the scenes even more great! To find out more about this, the good and the bad, keep on reading my real porn review.

Great Qualities Naughty Weddings

The Naughty Weddings site has many great aspects, but it also has one negative that is really, really big, but let us discuss those great aspects first. The first great quality is that the site has an exclusive collection of sexy / hardcore scenes that are great! Everyone knows that the wedding night is supposed to be full of the best sex in the world, but maybe it’s even better if the wedding night is not with the one you are marrying. Some of these brides and grooms are finding themselves willing to fuck anyone just to do it and get it done with before the wedding night. Of course, the bride and the groom are not the only ones who get lucky in these videos, they also feature bridesmaids, groomsmen, and sometimes the father-in-laws and the mother-in-laws! You will be able to watch some of the kinkiest sex around, and see these dressed up folk get down and dirty.

The next great aspect is the high quality content provided. These scenes are all HD, with videos that are 4K and 8000k. Of course, this means that all of these scenes are just amazing to watch, with the picture being so crisp and sharp.

The site is very easy to navigate. All of the content has been correctly tagged and it has all been categorized, so it is very easy to find what you need or want to watch. The tags are very simple, and the site is very well organized along with being user-friendly. Also, members will notice that they can download photos in zip files, have plenty of viewing options for the scenes, a fun-to-use forum, and members will have access to 28 sites within the network when they sign up.

Bad Qualities Naughty Weddings

There is only really one negative when it comes to the Naughty Weddings site, however, the negative is pretty large. The negative is that the site has a very tiny collection. Even though the site has only been updating for a little bit now, it only has 6 scenes to watch, and that means that you could be done with this site within a day of getting your membership.

Final Thoughts on Naughty Weddings

The Naughty Weddings site is a great site to be a member of, however, there are only 6 scenes as of right now. I would highly recommend that members do get a membership with this site, but I would also recommend waiting a little bit to do it, so that the collection can build up.


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