The Reality King site provides you with no lack of options for finding the right content to sit back and relax with. They offer a wide variety of categories and filter options to narrow down your search. Thankfully, they make it very easy to find girls doing exactly what you want to see them doing.
Exclusivity 100
Quality 94
Quantity 96
Updates 96
Usability 93
Bonus Contents 94
Price 97
Summary 95.7% 95.7 great
Exclusivity 100
Quality 91
Quantity 96
Updates 100
Usability 72
Bonus Contents 0
Price 0
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Summary 91.8% 91.8 great

Reality Kings Review

reality kings-video pornReality Kings is a production company that focuses on hardcore porn. Their website, is a part of the a network of adult sites owned by RK Media. It is not only popular, but very high quality. After first loading their website, you are greeted by a sexy animated photo gallery that features a slide show of hardcore porn photos. These photos are not safe for work. I guess that’s why we all go there, though. The main page features a dynamic gallery of the latest porn videos on the Reality Kings website. This gallery is constantly being updated as new content is posted. Directly below the list of the newest additions is a link to a featured porn film by Reality Kings. The entire home page of Reality Kings is full of high quality images of some of the most attractive girls you could ever hope to see, doing things you only thought you could hope they’d want to do. If you even make it passed the home page into an actual category, you won’t last long there.

Does Reality Kings Have Good Porn?

The categories they offer are unique, too. It’s one of the few porn sites that has such niche categories as “2 Girl Blowjob”, “69” and a category that focuses just on rimming. Reality Kings knows that our interests are so much more than the typical “Lesbian” and “People Getting Naked and Getting It On” categories. You and I know, our tastes are much more refined. To us, porn is like a fine wine. The videos that Reality Kings offer are the Domaine de la Romanee of wines. They even have two separate categories for big breasts, one for naturally big breasts and another for implants. If you loved the movie Step Brothers, and thought to yourself, “Boats and Hoes! That’s the best idea ever!”, you are in luck. Reality Kings even has a “Boats” category.

 Is a Reality Kings Membership Worth the Money?

Reality Kings is definitely a site that is worth paying for. The difference between the quality of the content, the girls and the overall dedication to your approval is astounding when compared to free sites. The prices aren’t too much either, and they offer you various ways to ensure that you get to see all of the naughty things that you want to see. For example, a 2 day pass will only cost you $1. Imagine how many beautiful girls you can see getting down and dirty in those 2 days? In case you didn’t know, Reality King has thousands of videos in most categories. You couldn’t watch every video or see every girl in just 2 days. So, in case you are thinking, “2 days! What am I gonna do with only two days of spying on these pretty little things?”, you are most definitely in luck. A whole month of access to these naughty little pornstars is only $29.99. Imagine how much it would cost you to rent each film individually? The savings are astounding, the content is so hot it will melt your skin right off of the palm of your hand, and you won’t find these videos anywhere. Reality Kings videos are definitely one of a kind, and certainly cater to a specific type of porn connoisseur. A three month subscription runs $49.99, and if this still isn’t enough for you, your can get a whole year for $60! That’s like getting a year for paying for only three months, it’s over 80% discounted. We all know that people like us enjoy nothing more than an 80% discount on the world’s finest wines. Reality Kings has the goods, for sure.

Final Thoughts About Reality Kings

That wasn’t the case. I bought a 2 day pass at first, but the same day I ended up buying a 12 month subscription. What makes Reality Kings appeal to me is the categories. The categories are designed to appeal to those of us with refined tastes. If you are someone who knows what kind of porn you want to see, Reality Kings may be for you. I would definitely recommend checking them out.


TRIAL Access
Limited Subscription
2 Days of Premium Content
Stream all the content
*Total Spending $1.00
*Rebills at $29.99/mo
FULL Access
1 Month
30 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending $29.99
*Rebills at $29.99/mo
FULL Access
3 Months
90 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending 59.99
*Rebills at $59.99
FULL Access
12 Months
365 Days of Premium Content
Free Download
*Total Spending Discounted $119.88
*Rebills at $119.88



  1. Cory dorton December 24, 2016

    How do i pay withpaypal

  2. Admin San March 1, 2017

    Hello Cory, We are sorry but Reality Kings has not the PayPal payment method. You can find other adult sites allowing PayPal payments here:

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