The Extreme Naturals site is a part of the Reality Kings Network. When I first saw this name, I have to admit, I kind of let my mind wander, and I thought for sure that this site would be about hardcore sex and girls who have big and natural tits. Luckily for me and you, I was right to think that.
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Quality 66
Quantity 73
Updates 70
Usability 76
Bonus Contents 80
Price 90
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extremenaturalsThis site actually features some of the sexiest models and all of them sport boobs that are not fake and they are featured in some pretty hardcore movies and also some solo videos. Of course, you will only be seeing D cups and up  with this awesome site, and you won’t have to worry about the silicon bursting. Keep on reading my real porn review to find out the good and bad qualities for this site.

Best Qualities Extreme Naturals 

The Extreme Naturals site is loaded with great qualities, however, it does come with two large negatives, but we will get to those in a minute, let’s talk about those great aspects first! I think one of the best aspects has to be the exclusive collection. Of course, their exclusive collection features sexy scenes with hot girls and those natural breasts that you know you love to see. These women sure know how to tease a man, simply by wearing the tightest tops possible and then finally taking them out for members to see and so that they can be played with and seduced. Members will be able to watch as these women bounce up and down, get massages with oil, and even have their nipples pinched. Also, you will be able to was as they play during the hardcore scenes and get their tities fucked in others, meaning that this site keeps true to their boob / hardcore theme.

Another great aspect is that the site is super simple to navigate. I love the browsing tools that they have provided to their members. Members will be able to search for scenes, pictures, and models using the categories, ratings, age, and filter.All of the photos on this site are able to be downloaded into zip files. Members will also be able to have access to 19 of the sites within the Reality Kings Network when they sign up for this site, and the network has more than 10,000 scenes, with a lot of them focusing on the hardcore categories that we all know and love.

Bad Qualities Extreme Naturals

There are two large negatives, as I mentioned previously, with the Extreme Naturals site. The first negative is how small the site is. There is only 87 photo galleries and scenes within the site. I mean, I have seen everything already on the site and just keep my membership just so that I can see the videos anytime that I want. The second, and last, negative is that there hasn’t been any new updates for this site since 2009, that was almost 10 years ago!

Final Thoughts on Extreme Naturals

The Extreme Naturals site is a great site to have a membership with. They have great content featuring a great niche. They may have two large negatives, but I would still recommend that everyone get a month membership with this site, and once you have finished with this content, you can just visit the other sites that you will have access to in the network.


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